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Friday, November 5, 2021

iPhone 13 Review

The new iPhone 13 months has been announced and we got some answers to the questions we all had about this device. So let’s look at some of the new features and what they bring to the table.


First, I wanted to talk about colors. The iPhone 13 months color options are black, white, and gold which is a great improvement from when it was initially launched with only silver and space grey. This will make it easier for customers to choose their favorite color when purchasing this device and hopefully facilitate its commercial success considering that there’s no large difference in specs between this device and the iPad pro 12 9 inch model (although my opinion is that if you’re going for a laptop replacement there should be a way more visible difference :).

image Source: Fobes

Important Points

Moving on to the specs of the phone, it’s important to understand what you are getting with this device. iPhone 13 months is pretty much an iPhone 8 but the screen size has been increased which means that not only there’ll be more pixels to play with but also that users who currently own an iPhone 6 will find things easier since they’re already used to a smaller screen. It comes with wireless charging capabilities and it’s water-resistant (IP68 rating which means it can withstand submersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 mins.). Also, Apple has decided not to update its A chip so don’t expect any significant performance increase over previous generation iPhones – And if you’re wondering about this A11 vs 7 processor discussion, it’s because there are two different types of cores to process power – even though Apple claims that their CPU is better than any other mobile chip on the market.


Compatibility with wireless headphones has been extended to now support both standard headphones using a 3.5 mm headphone jack and Bluetooth headsets. I truly believe Apple was behind the times when they dropped the headphone jack from previous models but now that Android phones have also decided to do away with it, at least they’re jumping on the bandwagon instead of staying behind like many thought they would :). One last thing related to wireless connectivity – it appears that 3DoF controller support for Apple devices has been discontinued so if you were planning to use one make sure you check your device specs before purchasing.


Now let’s look at what this new iPhone has to offer by way of hardware improvements. Screen resolution is 2224 x 1242 (458 PPI) which will provide an immersive experience for users who watched movies and videos on their phone – the pixel density isn’t as high as previous models but with increased screen size it can be easily compensated. The A13 Bionic chip provides performance that is faster than 80% of laptops that were shipped in the last year (according to Geekbench 4 benchmark compared against 8400M laptop CPU). That being said, you should expect some minor slowness when loading large files or playing games – if you are mainly interested in browsing the web, sending emails, watching movies then this shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s not forget that the iPhone 13 months supports augmented reality (AR) which means it’ll run all AR games available on the market – This is always a nice feature to have considering smartphones are getting more powerful every year.


Last but not least let’s talk about battery life. Apple has increased its endurance rating for standby time up to 18 hours – I haven’t yet had the chance to test it myself but having used previous phones I believe this should be more than enough :). Calls should last 20 hours according to Apple if that matters to you then you can go ahead and purchase this phone with confidence knowing that you won’t need to carry around your charger at all times.

Conclusion – should you buy it?

If you are an existing iPhone user wanting to upgrade your phone, I think the answer is pretty obvious. Not only do you get access to better camera specs but also a larger screen which will make everything easier on the eyes and the improved A13 chip means that there’ll be no lag when browsing the web or opening applications. If you’re not a fan of Apple however then my opinion is that this device isn’t really different enough from previous generations for me to recommend it as a gaming machine since processing power is almost identical :/. As always, I encourage everyone to read more reviews before purchasing their next smartphone – if this sounds like it could be your new gadget feel free to ask any question in a comment.

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