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Thursday, September 23, 2021

how to get more orders on Fiverr

 Fiverr is a great platform to sell your services and skills for $5. But, if you want to stand out from the small competition of other freelancers then it’s important that you understand how people earn money on Fiverr and what they offer.

Let me start with some basics:

You can sell almost anything on Fiverr as long as it’s legal of course; the only thing you cannot do is selling adult content (pornographic pictures and videos).

After signing up you won’t immediately see all gigs, instead there will be a wait period of 7 days after which you will be able to see all gigs. Until then, new gigs are put in a “New” tab. To find work faster, the best way is to be an early bird and check the “New” tab regularly!

Here are some things I’ve learned during my time on Fiverr:

1. Create a cover letter that describes your offer/creative concept first

This is how it works, first you need to create an appealing cover letter (and gig intro if you like) for your offer. It’s good to write about how you came up with the idea or what experiences inspired you; make sure it’s convincing! This way people will get interested in what you have to offer and eventually become your customer. Of course, this might take some time but it’s worth it compared to standing out at the end of the wait period when all gigs are already ranked.

2. Take care of your customers!

Be friendly and communicate with your customer; make sure they are satisfied. This will make them more likely to post a positive review on your gig (which results in higher rankings). Also, try to provide them with some extra value whether it’s giving their logo as a bonus or sending them an additional file.

3. Always provide good quality work/images

Make sure the images you deliver are always high-quality, this is what really matters on Fiverr! It doesn’t matter whether you have previous experience or not but if people can’t see what they are buying then chances are they won’t order from you again because they don’t know how great your work actually is.

If you have a good cover letter and because you provide high-quality images/work, customers won’t hesitate to give you 5 stars. Remember that 5 star reviews help your gig rank better in the long run!

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4. Do not copy other gigs!

It’s important that you create a unique gig for yourself which means don’t copy other people’s work or ideas. For example, if someone sells logo designs then it would be a bad idea to also start selling logos (you’re just going to get lost at the end of all freelancers). The best way is to think of something new of your own; this will make it easier for you to stand out from the crowd especially during these first 7 days on Fiverr where new gigs are hard to be seen.

So, these were the 4 things I’ve learned during my time on Fiverr; I hope you can use them next time you start an offer!

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