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Thursday, November 4, 2021

10 useful google tips & tricks you must know 2022

 The internet is an important source of information in today’s world. Everyone in this era grows up with access to the internet at their fingertips. Everything from academics and research assignments to enjoyment and socialising requires it. Nobody wants to come across something they shouldn’t read or watch on the internet.

google tips & tricks 

When it comes to choosing a web browser, most people look at the browser’s speed and how user-friendly it is as two of the most important factors to consider. With this in mind, the Google Chrome browser has long been a favorite among knowledgeable internet users. While Chrome is simple to use, there are a few Google Chrome tips and tricks that can help you have a more enjoyable and dependable browsing experience. Here are some suggestions for making Chrome quicker, more effective, and more flexible:

  1. Counting a number

If you had a high number to count, such as 20987688, you would say things like unit, ten, hundred, thousand, and so on, but if you have access to Google, you can accomplish it in seconds.

This trick allows you to count any number, no matter how lengthy it is, on Google.

To count a number, say 20987688, go to the Google search tab and input “20987688=english” in the search box. That’s it; Google will count the number in English for you in a matter of seconds.

You are free to count in any language you like. All you have to do now is type the language’s name after “=”.

It’s an excellent Google Tip & Trick.

  1. Watch any Movie or Season

If you’re a movie buff, you’ve probably done a Google search for the films you want to see, only to find a slew of scam sites

They don’t actually have a movie in them, and they’re just trying to get you to interact with them in order to lower the bounce rate.

So, where do you look for your favourite films?

Don’t worry, all you have to do is input the name of the movie, such as “Godzilla,” and then type “Google Drive” after it and search.

If someone has posted the movie, you will undoubtedly discover it. It’s an excellent Google Tip & Trick.

  1. Using an Outdated Operating System

If you enjoy trying out new operating systems, you will undoubtedly want to try out an older operating system like Windows93. So, today I’m going to provide the best Google Tip and Trick for using old operating systems.

So, go to Google and type in “Windows93” or any other operating system you wish to use, and then hit enter.

To get a feel for the system, click the first link and launch it. It’s a fantastic Google Trick and Tip.

  1. Suggestions from Google

There are a plethora of internet sites where you may search your keywords, but they are all extremely pricey.

If you’re a content creator, such as a blogger or a YouTube channel owner, you’ll always need to identify keywords to create content.

So, what are your options?

The trick is to simply type “initial words or spelling” into Google’s search box. Google will present you with a selection of recommendations.

These lists contain high-quality keywords, so it’s an excellent approach to find them without spending any money. It’s a fantastic Google trick.

  1. Reverse the Google search results

Some of you might like having some fun with Google. However, you have no idea how to have fun when searching on Google because surfing is a tedious task. You may reverse the Google screen to make your interface a little more amusing and fascinating. To get started, type “Google Mirror” into Google and click the first link that comes up.

And have a good time!

  1. Image from Google

Let’s say you have an image and want to learn more about it. How would you go about doing that?

Don’t worry, Google Baba has taken care of this for you as well.

Trick: To achieve this, go to Google Images and open it. Then, on the right side of the search bar, click on the small camera and upload the image you want to learn more about. Google will display all of the data it has on this image. It’s an excellent Google Tip & Trick.

So, get to work.

  1. Google images with no copyright

If you are a content creator, you will undoubtedly face the challenge of locating copyright-free photos. However, Google has made it simple for you.

To use this trick, first search for the image you want, then select tools. Click Usage right in the tool list and pick “Labeled for reuse” from the drop-down menu.

Google will display a list of photos that are free to use and do not include any copyright violations.

  1. Locating the Most Recent Articles/Posts

If you want to read an article, a newspaper, or even a blog post, you may have searched for it on Google, but you’ve seen that it returns some old results that are rated on Google, but you want to see the most recent one. So, what are your options?

The trick is to conduct a search for the keyword you want to see. After Google has completed its search and presented you with some results, click on tools. Select the appropriate time from the tool’s “Any time” option. You may now see the results for the time period you choose. It’s a Google Tip & Trick that will save you time.

  1. Flight Information

If you’re a busy person who frequently travels by airline, you’ve probably had to deal with the hassle of looking up flight schedules and such. However, Google has made it simple for you. The trick is to simply type “flight together with its name” into Google and push enter. With a simple click, Google will display all of the information on that flight. 

It’s a fascinating Google Tip & Trick.

  1. Google Underwater 

If you want to impress your pals by demonstrating a new skill. Then this is the trick for you. This amusing trick will help you become well-known among your peers. The trick is to simply type in Google Underwater and click enter. You’ll notice that Google begins to go underwater, with some gorgeous fish jumping around on your screen.

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