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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Best way to earn money from google

Nowadays, everyone wants to make money while sitting at their computer. Millions of people all around the world make money online by performing a variety of chores.

Google is regarded as the most valuable Internet asset in terms of increasing one's net revenue. In fact, Google pays publishers billions of dollars every year in exchange for sharing their knowledge with millions of consumers.

Enrolling in any of the Google services listed above can result in a recurring income. If you're wondering "how to make money from Google," all you have to do is figure out the best approach to make money from Google.

Because Google's purpose is to evaluate and structure knowledge and make it accessible and insightful, it's simple to make a lot of money using the system if you know how to use it correctly.

In this post, I've listed a few Google platforms for you to choose from based on your preferences. There are six specific steps you can take right now to begin earning money from Google.

Let's begin by saying, "Let's start with,"

How to earn money from Google?



One of the simplest methods to make money online is using Google AdSense. It is necessary to purchase or create a new domain on WordPress or Blogger in order to establish your own website.

After the website is built, the content that is given is the most crucial factor in attracting visitors to the site. You may quickly sign up for Google AdSense after creating a post on your blog.

Your website slider is evaluated by Google to see if it fulfils high-quality requirements. After receiving clearance from Google, adverts can be shown on a website or blog using the AdSense widget.

When visitors click on advertising, Google receives 68 percent of the money paid by the advertiser. However, the content should be of high quality.



Google Pay is mostly used for peer-to-peer digital payment services, but it can also be used to generate money. It's the Android Pay and Google Wallet connection.

All that is required is to download the app from the Google Play Store. Select add a bank account from the home screen. After you've finished the procedure of creating an account and registering.

It will generate a UPI PIN for a bank account that may be used to make payments, or it can be set up manually. After you've linked your bank account to Google Pay, you can invite your friends to join.

If invited friends make their first payment through the supplied link, the sender will receive 51 percent of the user's first transaction. You can make a lot of money.



This is the third way to make money on YouTube by leveraging your talent or ingenuity. If you're good at making videos, whether for instructional purposes, entertainment, business, marketing, or development, you should start a YouTube channel. After the movie has been edited or customised, it can be uploaded to a YouTube channel.

Video monetization must be permitted. Google will automatically display adverts on videos whenever the channel or video has surpassed 1000 subscribers or 10,000 views. After you've been approved for the YouTube Partner Program, you can begin earning money.


Although Google Opinion Rewards is not a regular source of income like the others mentioned, it can be used to supplement your income on a part-time basis. The programme must be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

This app was produced by the Google Survey team, and it requires users to complete small surveys in order to earn Google Play credits. After filling out the form, the surveys will be sent out once a week. It allows you to earn Google Play credits by completing survey quizzes.

These credits can be redeemed for any purchased app. After completing survey questionnaires, one can simply receive up to $1.00 in play credit.


G- Suite Referral Program

Google has a referral programme where you may earn money by referring people to G- suite. To do so, you must first apply for the recommendation programme. A referral link will be provided by this programme.

After completing the registration process, the referral link will be sent to the email address provided. You can gain $7.5 for each G-suite subscription. It is not, however, available in all countries. The amount of money you earn will be determined by the country and the prices of G-Suit subscribers who sign up through your referral links.

When a referral uses one's referral link to start a free trial of G- Suite, the procedure begins. One will be eligible for payment if they use their promotion code in their billing information within 14 days of referral. Once one's eligibility has been approved, they can receive payment in their bank account. The amount paid out as a referral will be determined by the number of users who have paid for at least 120 days.There are two G-Suite options to choose from when joining up for the service. The G- Suite basic plan and G- Suite Business are the first two options.


Google AdMob

Google AdMob is the company's mobile advertising division. If you know how to create an app, you can make a lot of money with Google AdMob.

It enables developers to monetize their software by "renting" screen real estate to display advertisements. It also features Google AdSense integration. You may make an app that adds value and relevance to every encounter with the user.

Engagement on the application plays a critical role in generating high income. You must apply for AdMob when you have finished developing your app. Advertisements can appear as banners, videos, or native ads.

You must first register an account and activate one or more ad unit IDs before you can display adverts within the app. This is a unique opportunity. This is a unique identification for the areas of the app where advertisements appear. AdMob mediation includes ad network optimization, which automatically modifies the position of one's ad network, ensuring maximum revenue. It also makes use of the Google Mobile Ads SDK, which aids app developers in gaining user data and maximising ad income.



As previously stated, sources are the most effective ways to generate money while sitting at a computer. You can start earning money right away by choosing any of the alternatives listed above. It will be simple to obtain work from Google by simply creating a website, making a video, developing a mobile application, or responding to survey questions. If you have any more ideas for “how to get money from Google,” please share them in the comments below. I hope you find this material useful.

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