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Sunday, May 23, 2021

How To Get Orders On Fiverr 2021 | Tips To Get More Orders

Fiverr is a Second World Biggest Freelancing marketplace for services starting at just $5. Most people buy and sell digital services everyday through fiverr. 

Advantage of Fiverr:

  • Easy to Use
  • User Friendly
  • You do not need to text to customer to buy your services

Most Freelancers face common problems at the start of their fiverr freelancing career to get their first order.

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Reason for not getting Order in Fiver:

Here are 3 possible reasons why you have not made your first sale on Fiverr.

1: Not Send Buyer Request

You can easily get your first order By Sending buyer request daily. Every Day you have 10 Chances to apply for jobs. Now make sure you use all these 10 chances every day without fail. The earlier you apply, the higher your chances to get your first Order.

2: Not online at the same time as your potential buyers

Fiverr is a global marketplace with sellers and buyers from different time zones all over the world. One Hidden secret to get orders is for you to know the location and time zone of your potential buyers. Make Sure you are online at the same time as your buyer online. Sure, this may not be convenient for you, but it’s a price you have to pay for your desired breakthrough. Being online makes it possible for you to quickly response to messages from your buyers and that could help you to get orders faster. Also being online will help you to show your gig at the first page when Someone applies an “Online” filter.

3: Gigs are not Attractive, Compelling Enough

If your gig is not attractive and has a lot of grammatical mistakes, many buyers will not be confident to buy from you. This is the truth!

So what you should Do?

Don’t worry! Today I will share my 5 best tips to get an order in a week. But you have to follow all the tips, then you will get orders successfully.


> Use short Fiverr gig title title and only popular searchable Keywords

Note: Check at least 4 to 5 best seller’s Gig’s titles and use popular keywords.

E.g: Travel Logo, eBay drop-shipping, Data Entry etc

> Add Time in title like “i will design travel logo in 24 hours”

Note: if you are not able to complete your work in that time, then leave it. But if you add time, it will be better for buyer attraction.

Gig Images:

> First you have to design attractive and high quality images for your Gig’s.

> Check Best seller gig images and get idea from them, what they are doing.

> Add your own Professional Designed  Images.

> Use only Popular keywords in your Gig  images Like “eBay drop shipping”.

> Use Big and Bold Text.

> Always make Different Color images then other sellers.

> Remember, your gig images must look perfect on both Fiverr mobile App and Desktop.

Fiverr gig image size should be 550 Pixels by 370 pixels. This Fiverr image size is compatible for both mobile App and Desktop.

Always add your title in images. Like “Design Travel Logo”. (Personal Experience)

Description & FAQ’s:

Keep in mind, Description really help in gig ranking So Briefly Describe Your Gig.

> Add title in first line of description. Like “Welcome to Travel Logo Design Gig”.

> Don’t write “I have a lot of experience or something like this” Only Mention what you are offering Unique from other sellers (Your Competitors)

> Explain Your Services in 3 Packages

  • Basic Package – Design 2 Instagram Post for $5.
  • Standard Package – Design 5 Instagram Post for $10.
  • Premium Package – Design 12 Instagram Post for $20.

> Add Reason to Hire You: Like

  • High Quality & Unique Work
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Good Communication Skill

> Add Searchable Keywords in Description Like “I will design logo for multiple niches like Blog, Travel, eCommerce Website”.

Note: You can also Get ideas from other seller’s to write best description for fiverr Gig.

Add Hot Searchable Keywords in FAQ’s Like:

Q: Do you design Travel Logo?

A: Yes, I also design Travel Logo.


Check at least 3 to 5 best seller gig’s related to your niche and use their popular tags.

Use Both Short tail and Long Tail Tags


> Adding video really helps you to rank on the first page.

> Be confident During Recording Video.

> Write Your Lines and try to speak in front of the mirror.

> Use a good MIC and you can also edit voice later (Many Free Voice Editing Software available).

> Background must be neat and Clean or you can also use curtains.

Promote your Gigs more as possible

There are alot of people like you who want to get order on fiverr. how you can promote your gigs:-

  • Use your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter to share your gigs
  • Join Different Facebook group and LinkedIn group and share your gigs asked user to make favorite your gigs.
  • If you have $5 you can hire some one who will do all promotion for you in fiverr there is a lot of people can do it for you. they can give you 2000 impression and click in just $5

I Hope this Article will help you to get more orders on Fiverr. 

If you have any Question Feel free to comment and asked i will 100% give all answars

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