Sunday, November 11, 2012

4 Safe ways to make backlinks for your blog

We know the importance of backlinks for every site and blogs. The main objective behind making backlinks is to get good page rank. Before every page rank update we try to make more backlinks. It is good for our blog. Good page rank will help in getting more guest posts and direct advertisements.

But some bloggers or site owners doesn't think much about the safety features while making backlinks. They try to buy links and opt link exchanging etc. These tricks are bad seo and are against webmaster guidelines. So we must know the safe ways to make backlinks. Following are the safe ways to make backlinks.

Guest Posting 

This is the best and safe way to make backlinks to your blog. Post some guest posts on different blogs with your blog url. Try to post your guest post on good page ranked blog because it will help in increasing your blog page rank.

And select blog or site having the same blog niche as your site or blog. Because in that case, it will make the readers to visit your site or blog as well. In other cases, the readers might not bother to visit your blog. So it is always preferred to post guests posts on sites with same blog niche as yours.

Blog Commenting

This is an easy and fast way to make more backlinks, and more bloggers are adopting this way to make backlinks. Moreover, posting comments on other blogs will help in getting more traffics.

Why are most people opting blog commenting to make backlinks? Every guest post that we post may not be accepted by the opposite party. Hence, commenting on the same blog will help in getting links easily. But most of the top ranked blogs may not accept links on the comment which will make posting guest posts compulsory.

Social Networking Sites 

Today, there are many social networking sites on the internet. So you can make backlinks to your blog by signing up in social networking sites. These sites are top ranked sites. So getting links from these sites will help your blog to get good page rank. Moreover, sharing your post on these sites will help in increasing your blog traffics.

From Forums

You can make backlinks to your blog from forums which is also a safe way. Now there are lots of high page ranked forums. You can ask  questions and post answers to others questions along with your blog links.

Most of us have yet not tried forum for making backlinks. This is 100% safe. So just start making backlinks from these sources. Never try to buy a link or opt link exchanging.

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