Monday, October 15, 2012

How to file a complaint on google DMCA if your content is copied

Many bloggers especially the beginners copy the content from other sites and paste them on their blogs. The posts from my blog too were copied by other bloggers. This is the reason why i m writing this post. Today i filed a complaint to the Google DMCA for the same reason and for removing links from the Google search result. This service provided by Google is very beneficial for the real owners of a site because we know how difficult it is to make a blog post. And it is frustrating to see others  copying the content and decreasing our traffics. This is not real blogging. So just avoid copying others content and their hard work and skills.

It may happen to your blog post as well. So you can check this from several sites or else even manually from Google  If you find any site with your content copied and pasted on it, then you can file a complaint to google DMCA. Google will remove the post link of those who copied your content from the google search result. And your blog traffics will come back to you.

How To Start On Google DMCA 

If you see any of your posts being copied and if you are the copyrighted owner, then you can file a complaint on Google DMCA.

Go to google DMCA and select the product you are using. This post is for bloggers who wants to file a complaint about their blog. So such bloggers need to select the product as blogger/blogspot.

After selecting blogger/blogspot, a new option will be displayed under that for specifying the nature of your request. Among that, select "I have found content that may violate my copyright".

Then mention that you are the copyright owner by clicking "Yes". Then again select   "Yes" to proceed forward. Next select "text". Then you will see a form link at the end of the instructions. Click on "this form". And it it will open a new page of the form.

How To Fill The Form 

It is important to read the information given on the form page before filling the form. The following steps will help you to start with the form.

1#. First write your contact information by writing your first name and last name.

2#. Enter your company name in the second column. This is not compulsory. If you don't have a company name, you can leave it blank

3#. The third column is for full legal name of the copyright holder. If you are the copy righter owner write your name.

4#. The fourth column represents your contact email address and the next column is for selecting your country.

Your copyrighted work 

In your copyrighted work section you will see three columns. Firstly, it is "where can we see authorized example of the work?". Enter your  copyrighted  post link in this column.

Secondly, it is the "Identify and describe the copyrighted works" column. Describe your work. For example, copy some lines of your copyrighted post and paste it to this column.

  Thirdly, there is a column for posting the location of allegedly infringing material. This talks about where you have seen your copyrighted content other than your blog. Copy the post link and paste it to the column.

Then last steps are sworn statements. check the two boxes and then make a signature. Signature is nothing but your first name and last name. Then submit for processing request.

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