Monday, October 22, 2012

Add animated flash cloud label widget for your blogger blog

I am introducing a blog widget for bloggers again after a long time. This is a widget that can make your blog labels as an animated flash cloud. It is an awesome widget. Why to use an animated cloud label widget? It will help you to increase your blog looks and more visitors will be attracted to your blog. And also it will help in decreasing your blog bounce rate.

This label widget can be easily added to your blog and you can easily customize as per your own wish. This widget is simple and more attractive. If you want to add this smart widget to your blog just follow the below steps.

1#.Go to your blogger dashboard

2#.Click on layout

3#.Add a gadget and select "HTML/JavaScript"

4#.Then just copy the below given html code and paste to it

<div id="w2bFlashContent">
<p style="display:none;">
Flash Labels by <a href=""><b>TECH plus</b></a></p>
<script type="text/javascript">
var w2bFlashLabelSettings = {
    blogurl        : "",
    color          : "000000",
    hoverColor     : "333333",
    backgroundColor: "FFFFFF",
    size           : 12,
    speed          : 100,
    width          : 250,
    height         : 300,
    transparency   : true
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Before saving, make some change in html code. replace the blog url "" to your blog url.

And also you can change the label color by replacing "00000" and ad your own color

Similarly change the hivercolor by replacing "333333"

To change the background color replace "FFFFFF"

And to increase or decrease the text size change the value of "12"

Speed,width,height can also be customized by changing the value. 100,250,300

Next click on Save and see the magic

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