Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5 Things to think before registering a domain name

Most of the bloggers start their blogging career from blogger platform or WordPress platform. Not willing to buy a domain name, they always use free service in the beginning. Only after their long experience of blogging they think about buying a domain name. And they go on with their plan of buying a domain name matching the blog name without thinking much about it.  . But this is not the best way of starting a blogging career. You must consider several important things before buying a domain name.

First of all you need to understand the importance of buying the domain name before publishing your first post. If you are changing your sub domain to custom domain after several months of using your blog, your site traffics will drop down and you will have to work hard to make more backlinks for your new domain name. Likewise, think about the following 5 things before registering a domain name.

Domain Name Length And Spelling Error

This is one of the common mistakes committed while registering a new domain name. That is spelling error. Even I had committed the mistake while registering my domain. So i can tell you, think before selecting a domain name.

And also avoid selecting long name for your domain. For example try to avoid domain names like "www.exampleofmynewdomainname.com". Just select short domain name like "www.example.com". It will help the viewers to remember them easily. And also avoid using tough words or those words that are difficult to pronounce to make the domain name.

Top Level Domain Extension

Domain name extension is another important thing to consider before registering a domain name. Mainly there are three top level extensions which are .com,.org and .net. Try to select any of these extensions for your domain name.

Register For Many Years 

Most of us buy a domain name only for an year. There are many reasons behind this. It can be lack of  enough money to buy domain for many years or it can be lack of certainty in continuing their site for long years. Any ways, if you are taking your site  seriously you must purchase a domain for at least 2 or 3 years.

Because search engine will always notice your domain expiry date and if you are registering for one year Google will list your domain under spam. So buy domain name for a minimum of 2 years.

Avoid Exact Match Domain Name

You must avoid exact match domain. Exact match domain means it is an exact match of top level domain for example "www.facebook.com". If you are registering a new domain name as exact match of facebook ex: "www.myfacebook.com", it will get effects of Google EMD update. So just avoid exact match domains as much as possible.

Try To Include Keyword On Domain Name

Adding keywords on your post title and post content is important for seo. Likewise including keyword in your domain name also can be a big benefit for SEO. But the keyword should be related to your site's topic. If your site is about blogger tricks you can add single words like blog or tricks in your domain. It will help your site SEO.

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