Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5 basic skills to become a good blogger

Most of us start blogging without thinking more and only after a few months we begin to think more about blogging. Some of the bloggers are getting in the top positions of blogging and some of them are discontinuing blogging after few months.
People have interest and ability to become one among the best in their selected field, whether it is career or arts or anything. So a blogger also need to have some few abilities or skills to become a good blogger. The blogger's interest in blogging is one important thing above all. A person should never enter the field of blogging without interest because it will not serve any purpose to you. Moreover, keep in mind that blogging is not a source of quick money. You need to put in a lot of hard work to get money.

Reading Skills 

Majority of us had hated reading as a student. Our teachers and parents had always forced us to read. And we never liked it. But in blogging you should never hate reading. This is one of the important skills that a blogger must possess. You cannot move forward with a  blog without reading.

How reading ability helps a blogger? if you are a person who considers reading as a lethargic activity, then it will fetch you a lot of trouble in blogging. You will lack  information and you will not get any new and latest posts to  update in your blog. A blogger must read other blogs or sites for getting new and valuable information, and also search for new information on the internet. So ability of reading is a big part of blogging.

Writing Skills 

A blog and a blogger cannot exist without possessing writing skills. A blogger must have the ability to write well. While writing a blog post, write it for others and not for yourself or for the search engine. Write with simple words so that all levels of people can understand your article. Avoid writing 1000 and above words in an article. Keep track of the word limits. Nevertheless, people will always hate reading posts with more number of words or with large content. But more number of words and large content is good for SEO.

So when you are writing a blog post consider these things also. Try your best to present the information well.

Listening Skills 

What is the role of listening skills in blogging? Listening skills is one of the important ability that a blogger need to have. You will not succeed in blogging without listening skills. No blogger can know everything. So listening to others will always help in getting more new information. The size of the information does not matter. But quality and completeness matters.

Listening to other bloggers and media will help you to increase your blogging skills. And you will get more facts and information about your blog niche. So always listen when others are talking. And grab what you need.

Have Good Patience

If you have good patience you can always succeed in any filed. So a blogger must have good patience. There will be times when your blog traffics and earnings will decrease. Neither feel nervous nor disappointed about such things. And never discontinue working on your blog. Just wait for some more time with patience.

Many bloggers discontinue blogging in very short time. The main reason behind this is the lack of patience. So if you want to become a good blogger you must have good patience.

Management Skills

We know how a manager performs their career and how important they are in a company. Similarly, a blogger is the person who manages their blog. You need to have good ideas about managing your blog. The time when you are posting or making links or designing or arranging pages etc. And always promote your blog post. There are many commitments in managing a blog. So understand all those things and keep blogging.

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