Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to make poll in facebook fan page

Now Facebook fan pages are increasing. Today everything under the sun has at least one fan page. You can check it on Facebook itself by just typing the words on search box which will thereby display a list of fan pages relating to the words typed.

Today I am writing about how to make polls in Facebook fan page. The polls will help you increase your page fans. Every one knows about sharing  photos,videos,files etc on Facebook. But only a few of them knows to make polls in Facebook fan page.

Making polls in your Facebook fan page will help you understand the interests of your page fans. So just try to make polls in your fan page as well. If you do not know how to make polls in Facebook fan page then just read the following steps.

How to make poll?

1. Login in to your facebook account.

2. Go to your facebook fan page

3. In your fan page you will see Event,Milestone

4. Click on the "Event,milestone"

5. There you will see three options Event,Milestone and Question

6. Select "Question" and also write some questions

7. Below that there is another option called Add Poll option. Click on that and add your options

8. Then post your poll.

Try to create a poll based on your page topics. Othervise it might never get any response from your fans.

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