Monday, June 4, 2012

Main problems faced by bloggers after switching to custom domain

Bloggers get many benefits from switching to custom domain as well as a few problems.And i had also posted an article about the benefits of the custom domain for bloggers a few months back. Today I am sharing my own experiences after switching to custom domain.

Traffic Decreased

I had purchased my domain from BigRocks in the month of march. Before purchasing custom domain, my blog traffic was above 1000+ page views per day. And after the purchase of custom domain my blog traffics were decreased to 300 per day and now my page view per day is 100 only. This is a common thing for every one. But the effect will be for maximum 1 month after changing to custom domain. But my blog traffics has not yet increased and the effect is still there even after 3 months.

Not Indexing

Apart from the traffic problem, I am facing one more problem, that is goolge indexing problem. my blog post is not indexing fast. It now takes 2or3 days for indexing in to google. Before changing to custom domain mypost used to get indexed with in seconds.

Site Map

i had verified my new custom domain and submitted site map in to webmaster tool. but the site map is showing only few pages that are indexed. It was not updating or refreshing regularly. but when I search in google pages are indexed but they are not showing in the site map.


After switching to custom domain my blog earnings has also decreased. Page CRT percentage and page eCPM is decreasing day by day. It will effects the payment of per click.


* If you are facing similar problems, wait for some more time.

* keep updating your blog regularly with new and quality content.

* Check your site daily in webmaster tool.

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